Team: Sadjad Mohammadi – Kim Elzakker – Jesse Feenstra

Concept in short: A better way to keep users updated about their favorite artists.

nominated for the Golden Dot Awards –


For the last few months we have been working hard to improve a service within Paradiso.

We researched services that Paradiso offers and that were not optimal. We analyzed the services with the goal to improve them. In the first phase of the project every student researched a problem within Paradiso and provided a solution. The students came up with great ideas such as using the blockchain to solve the problem of people reselling tickets at ridiculous prices and using VR to let people experience concerts even when concerts sell out. In total they were about 20 ideas. Erwin Blom was very excited about the ideas but only 6 ideas could go to second phase of the project.

The six ideas that went through the second phase were:

1.WhatsApp Nieuwsbrief: Converting newsletters to WhatsApp updates.

2.Paradiso ID: An online Paradiso account tied to an ID.

3.Buy & Share group tickets: A better way to buy tickets in a group.

4.Online profile: An online profile that offers extra features.

5.NFC-toegangspas: A pass to skip the long waiting lines.  

6.Paradiso 360: Experience sold out concerts in virtual reality

What’s seems to be the problem?

Our team was focusing on the problem with the e-mail newsletter. Here’s the deal: e-mail is kind of outdated and nobody reads email newsletters anymore. Study shows that 42% of all newsletters sent by email stay untouched. Most of the time the info you get from newsletters is not relevant. You get spammed with irrelevant data until you decide to unsubscribe from the newsletter. You gain nothing, and you lose nothing. (expect valuable time)  

The design challenge:

How do we inform Paradiso visitors about upcoming concerts and artist without sending them irrelevant content that’s not going to get read?

The target audience

The audience we are focusing are Paradiso visitors between 18 and 25 years. We are specifically focusing on young adults who enjoy going to music concerts.

The research

To understand the user’s problems, we did some research to get a better understanding of the whole process. In total we used more than 20 different research tools. I’m not going to discuss them all. The methods that were the most valuable were the Customer Journey Map, The Service Blueprint and the Co-Creation Workshop.

Customer Journey Map

Early in the process we made a Customer Journey Map to map the process of the user signing up for the newsletter.

The findings were that the user is looking for different information about different genres. If the user wants to sign up for different newsletter the user has to repeat the process multiple times. After waiting for a week, the user gets different newsletters. The user is being spammed with irrelevant information. In frustration the user deletes all the newsletters without reading them. After that the user unsubscribes from the mailing list

Service blueprint

With the service blueprint we mapped out the entire service we are offering. All the necessary steps are described and mapped out. Furthermore, you can see how the data is being processed in the back end of the process. The blueprint does not only explain our concept but also explain what type of service we are offering and how this is implemented in our concept. The concept uses the Spotify API so it’s important to know how the data is processed.

Co-creation workshop

After all the research we came up with a concept. So, what’s next? It’s not a good concept without testing it first. We invited people who frequently visit Paradiso to test our first prototype. The people who tested our first prototype gave us valuable feedback which improved our prototype.

The Concept

Combining Spotify with WhatsApp.

With the concept we want to send WhatsApp updates (a lightweight version of an email newsletter) to the users. The user has to log in with a Spotify account and link it with our service. After linking a Spotify account, we use the Spotify API to look through the users Spotify preferences and find relevant data. The data we are after are: artists the users follows, artist the user listens to and genres the user listens to. Based on that data we suggest a list of artists the user can follow. The user can select which artist he wants to follow. After following an artist, the user will get WhatsApp Updates about his favorite artists. After selecting which artist, the users want to follow the user gets a list of recommended artists. The recommended artists are based on the user’s music preferences collected from the Spotify API. Same rules apply to the recommended artists list. After selecting which artists to follow the user can set the frequency of updates he wants to receive. This way the user controls how many updates he wants to receive. The last step is to confirm your name and telephone number.

After doing so you will get a confirmation message on WhatsApp. After confirming the message, the user will get a compact message with relevant information like when his favorite artists perform in Paradiso, date of concerts and a link to purchase tickets. This way the conversion ratio of the ticket sale will go up. Resulting more ticket sales and happier customers who can keep up with their favorite artists through WhatsApp.

If you want to see the prototype yourself click on the link here