Minor Makerslab electronics project

 Water equals current

For this project we try to visualize and learn how currents is working. The project is made for children between five and eight. The purpose is to make children learn the basics of electronics. This is a list of the things the children learned after they made the exercise:

  • To make current you need a power source 
  • The power source has an positive and negative (an entrance and an exit)
  • To have current you need a connected circuit
  • If you interrupt the circuit the current stops 
  • Current can take multiple paths (series/parallel), and the difference between them
    • Advanced 
  • A resistor stops part of the current 
  • The current takes the path of least resistance 

To make it more fun the project is an interactive exercise. The children get a coloring page, some conductive paint, a switch, a small battery and a small light. A test setup was made to see how this would work out , but this setup has some flaws. The next version is made so the kid can make the setup step by step. The water story wasn’t very clear. So a new story is made that makes the setup more clear and fun.

The final version

The stuff you need 

  • The 3 maps printed out
  • Conductive paint and paintbrushes 
  • A battery 
  • Two LED-lights 
  • One resistors 
  • Two switches 
Bolt the mover

• Hello we going to learn about current today. We do this with the help of Bolt the mover. Bolt has a mover truck full of boxes he needs to bring to the house. Were going to help Bolt to move the boxes to the house. 
• Bolt needs a path to walk to the house. he only wants to walk on a path that contains iron, and he only can walk one direction on the path. Paint a route for Bolt with the Iron paint.
• You can put the light in the house, Look close to the light. It has a long side and a short site. The long side is for where the boxes will go in, and the short site is were bolt can leave for to get more boxes. The more boxes the brighter the light. 
• The next step is to put the boxes in the moving car. Place the battery full of boxes inside the car. With the positive side to bolt and the negative site to the back of the car. ( Do you know why there is a positive side and a negative site?) 
• There is also a bridge here, place the switch on the left side to open the bridge. What happens when you close the bridge? Why does that happen? 


• Put down a resistor at the toll house. Before the bridge there is a man he says that you can only get across this point if you leave 1 box here.  Bolt has to leave a box behind but can still cross the path.
•  Make the road so all the houses are connected to the road. Place also an other switch at the left bridge. 

Why is the light of the higher house less bright as the bottom house? 

Can you make the light at the first house lit up and the upper house turn off? Can you do it the other way around? 

What happens when the houses are on the same side of the river? What is the difference?